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Welcome to Lola's Land! The Girls-Only and totally pink version of Facebook and Twitter mixed together! My name is Lola - I'll be with you everywhere on the site!
Lola's Land is fun and free. Its features make it like half Facebook half Twitter...only it's just for girls! Here is a list of its main features:
  •  Set up your own account for free so you can fill in a profile about yourself and upload a profile picture of almost anything you want! (see Terms of Use)
  • Send and receive friend requests and private messages from other members.
  • Update your status on what you are doing.
  • Talk to your friends on IM (the white toolbar at the bottom of the screen).
  • Play games, watch and upload videos, download Lola's Land wallpapers and make an album to put your own photos in!
  • Read Lola's blog to find out what's new about the website.
Before becoming a member be sure to read the Terms of Use. It won't take a minute and will make sure you don't get banned!

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At Lola's Land, we only want you to have fun. We give you games, videos, wallpapers and loads more! The one thing we want you to do is tell us what else you want us to give you! So, here you can rate and comment this website. Tell us what would make Lola's Land better! Or, Contact Us.