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Posted by ♥lolaangelxx♥ on June 23, 2010 at 2:05 PM

Here's an early Christmas present from Lola's Land!

To celebrate the fact that Lola's Land now has 13 MEMBERS, (yeah! No biggie!! :o) Lola, being a total tech-girl (geek - haha) has made Lola's Land a toolbar!

It's a toolbar specially made for Lola's Land-lubbers! So, what does it look like, you may be asking. The answer is simple! Take a look!

Looks great, right? Well, now I hear you ask, 'How does it work?'. Again, the answer is simple! Here is a list of all the tools and how they work.

Logo Tool:

Clicking the Lola's Land logo will take you to the homepage of the website. By clicking the arrow beside it a box appears with these options. They do exactly what it says on the package! The Upgrade tool lets you install the upgraded version of the toolbar (it will be updated reasonably often to have more features: if you have any ideas for new features then comment them here or Contact Lola). The Tell a Friend tool will let you tell your friends how great the toolbar is and recommend it. The Help tool will give you instructions on how to use the toolbar. The Privacy tool will give you a lot of boring information about the toolbar (yawn). The Home page tool takes you to the homepage of the toolbar where it was made. The About tool is like the Help tool. The Contact tool will allow you to send us any complaints. The rest of the tools are easy to use and explore.

Search Box tool:

The Search box tool simply lets you search for anything using our Google search provider.

Highlighter tool:

The Highlighter tool allows you to highlight important information when searching, perfect for when doing homework!

Twitter Updates tool:

Using this tool you can check my twitter updates.

Meebo Chatroom tool:

(This one's my personal fave) Using this fantastic tool you can talk to other Lola's Land-lubbers using the same provider used on the meebo toolbar on the website. Wow!

Lola's Land Links tool:

Using these last three tools you can visit those pages on the website by clicking the button.

Toolbar Install:

If I were you, I would deffo install this toolbar! Using it, you can stay connected to, not just me, Lola, but Lola's Land, wherever you go on the internet! Want it? Simple click here to visit the website where you can download it. The link shall also be posted on the Homepage, so you can download it from there too. Remember to check the Updates tool every so often to get the latest gadgets on your toolbar! Have fun!

If you have any complaints or ideas about the toolbar, please comment here or Contact Lola.

Lotsa Love,

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